Sunday, October 31, 2010

Children and Statin Drugs

The headlines read, “American Heart Association Backs Statin Use for At-Risk Kids”. Revised guidelines by the American Heart Association now say that children (>8 years old) with high cholesterol and risk factors for heart disease should be treated with statin drugs. I can’t imagine a worse thing to do to a child. Yes, it is true, there is an obesity and diabetes epidemic among our children. However, these illnesses are not caused from a ‘statin-deficiency syndrome’. These illnesses are caused by poor eating habits and lack of exercise. As I describe in The Guide To Healthy Eating, eating healthier food can make a huge positive improvement in your health. In Drugs That Don’t Work and Natural Therapies That Do, I show that statins are an over-used class of medications that have not been shown to appreciably prolong anyone’s life, much less decrease one’s risk for heart attacks or strokes. Coupled with their high cost and side effect profile, there are safer and more effective options.

The number one thing you can do to improve your health as well as your family’s health, is to eat a better diet. You need to educate yourself about which food is healthier and how to incorporate it into your diet. It is best to avoid the ‘whites’—white sugar, flour, and salt. Cut down on all refined foods. Eat organic foods and make sure you drink enough water and exercise. Following these simple recommendations is a safer and more effective treatment regimen than relying solely on the statin drugs. More information about how to incorporate a healthy diet can be find in my book, The Guide to a Healthy Eating.

Children should never be prescribed statin drugs. Lifestyle changes should be the first therapy prescribed for elevated cholesterol levels.


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