Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Can You Do About Food Allergies?

A report in the Detroit Free Press (10.22.08) reported on the rising prevalence of food allergies in American children. The article states that food allergies are estimated to affect 3 million children according to a federal study. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 1 in26 children suffer from food allergies, which is increased from 1 in 29 kids in 1997—an 18% increase.

The article states that nobody knows for sure what is driving the problem. The CDC estimates that 1 in 40 Americans have a milk allergy. Estimates are that nearly 1 in 100 has celiac disease. My clinical experience has shown that both dairy and gluten allergies (or sensitivities) are occurring at a much higher frequency. I would estimate that dairy allergies affect over 50% of my patients and gluten problems affect 25%.

Why are there so many children and adults suffering with food allergies and what can you do about it? When I was a child, I do not recall anybody suffering from food allergies. Now, many schools prohibit children from bringing nuts or peanut butter to the school due to highly sensitive , allergic children being adversely affected by the nuts.

I believe food allergies are more prominent for a couple of reasons. Now, people are more aware of food allergies causing problems in their children. But, the higher rate of food allergies awareness cannot explain the large numbers of children and adults suffering from severe food allergies. I think the large number of people suffering from food allergies is a direct result of the increased toxicity we have in our bodies. There is no question that we are all suffering from an onslaught of metals, pesticides and other toxic items. My clinical experience has clearly shown that mercury toxicity is the number one toxic item found in the majority of people. Where is mercury coming from? The two most common sources are amalgam fillings and vaccines (e.g., the flu vaccine).

These toxic items are inhibiting the normal function of our immune system. A distressed immune system may over-react or inappropriately react to a substance that should be considered benign. My experience has shown that detoxifying the body improves the functioning of the immune system and lessons allergies. I see it occur every day in my practice.

Besides detoxifying, there is a wonderful acupressure technique, NAET, which not only treats food allergies but also helps to diagnose which foods are causing problems. I have been doing NAET for nearly 10 years and have seen some of the most amazing results in my patients. NAET has proven successful for not only treating food allergies, it is effective for most environmental allergies.

Marilyn, age 70, felt like she was allergic to many items. “Everything bothers me. I can’t eat anything without getting a headache and a foggy brain,” she said. When I began to do NAET with Marilyn, I found her to be allergic to almost anything I tested her for. After treating the first 10 food items, which includes sugar and grains, she began to feel much better. “It felt like a weight was lifted off of me. Even my other allergies improved. I used to be so sensitive to new smells and now I can go into stores and not be ill,” she claimed. Marilyn’s story is not unique; I see it occur over and over in my practice.

At my office, I have two NAET practitioners; Hetty and Michelle. To make an appointment with either practitioner, please call my office; 248-851-1600. If you suffer from allergies, I encourage you to consider NAET.

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