Friday, May 28, 2010

Everybody Can Benefit from Detoxification

I am frequently asked by my patients if they need to detox.  Unfortunately, the answer for all of us is a resounding “yes”.  We live in a polluted environment.  We are exposed to an ever increasing amount of toxic chemicals.  One class of toxic items is known as ‘persistent organic pollutants’ (POPs).  These are a wide range of chemicals that persist in the environment for a long time period.  Since they last for a long time period, their toxicity to all living things can be magnified.  Examples of POPs include chemicals in plastics, computers, televisions, bedding, clothing, automobiles, as well as fertilizers and pesticides.
A study in Environmental Health Perspectives (Vol. 116. N.6. June 2008) looked at the effect of various POPs on thyroid function.  Researchers looked at 232 young people of a native American tribe (Akwesasne Mohawk) who live near an area with a history of local pollution.  
The researchers found that the breastfed adolescents had higher levels of toxic agents (POPs) as compared to non-breastfed adolescents.  They also found that high levels of POPs adversely affected long-term thyroid function. 
The thyroid gland is particularly sensitive to many pollutants.  My research has shown that well over 40% of the population has thyroid dysfunction.  I have no doubt that this high number is being driven, in part, from pollutants. 
I have found bromide toxicity in every patient that I have tested for it.  Many POPs contain significant amounts of bromide.   Other common pollutants include mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and nickel.   My experience has clearly shown that helping the body detoxify from POPs as well as heavy metals and other toxic items is an important step to helping the body achieve its optimum health. 
How do you detoxify?  Unfortunately, there is no set path for everyone.  Each individual requires his/her own unique detoxification plan.  This plan depends on what you are detoxifying from and the detoxifying abilities of the individual.  The best results are achieved by working with a knowledgeable health care provider who is skilled in detoxification.  Appropriate lab tests can help guide you on how to proceed to optimize your own detoxification system.
Having said that, there are some simple steps we can all do to help our body’s own detoxification pathways function at its optimal level.  Vitamin C can aid any detoxification plan.  I suggest taking 3-10,000mg of Vitamin C/day or taking Vitamin C to bowel tolerance.  Vitamin C is integral to nearly every detoxification pathway in the body.  Drinking adequate amounts of water is another necessary step.  Eating organic food, free of hormones, pesticides, and refine items is integral.   Finally, exercise helps to rev the detoxification pathways of the body.  Regular exercise for 30 minutes per day is a very inexpensive way to aid the body in lymph flow and detoxification.  Jumping on a trampoline is a very effective method for improving lymph flow and detoxification. 
Finally, my partners and I have developed a detoxification product, Total Liver Care (TLC) which is designed to provide the liver with the correct raw materials for detoxification.  More information about TLC can be found at: www.  I suggest taking a scoop of TLC twice per day until the can is finished (approximately three weeks).  Generally, it is helpful to detoxify twice per year. 
There are specific laboratory tests that can determine if the detoxification pathways are optimally functioning.  I will order these tests on very ill patients to get a better picture of their liver’s ability to detoxify. 
Following the above steps can help anyone improve their detoxification pathways.  In today’s world it is important to do all that you can to aid your own detoxification system. 


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